Lady ShortCake! From living in the streets to Becoming IG Star

Lady ShortCake! From living in the streets to Becoming IG Star

Pre-and post-rescue photos of a dog, or its adoption, can move the strongest characters. The story of Lady Shortcake is one of those. Affected by a severe mange, with her skin open and aching, she hadn’t been caressed in months, perhaps years.

This little caramel-colored Pitt Bull, which ran through the streets of Fresno in search of something to eat and perhaps some hope. On tops of being a Pitbull, a breed with an unfounded reputation, her skin condition diminished the chances that someday something, or someone, could change her destiny. In his face, however,  never lacked a great and affectionate smile that would turn to be the beginning of a life full of love.

Amy Matsuhima, a Los Angeles-based publicist, stumbled across the “Lady Shortcake” smile on an online adoption site and did not hesitate. She drove all the way, almost 4 hours behind the wheel, to become the mother of this beautiful pitty that has won the heart of a huge amount of followers.

With more than 22,000 followers the adventures of @TheLadyShortcake, the almost permanent smile on her face also conquered Matsuhima’s work companions who have given her the title of “official pet” in the advertising agency. Car rides, sleeping, waves splash … are all reasons to show happiness for this beautiful dog who’s living the fullest her second chance.

Here’s a video compilation of the happiest moments in the life of Lady ShortCake, from here our congratulations to Amy: Without a Doubt, adopting is always the best option when it comes to bringing a dog into our lives, Congratulations for all your effort and dedication. May you enjoy many happy years together. Keep on smiling!

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