Little dog gets stuck in undercarriage of police car in Phoenix

A little dog in Phoenix, Arizona in precarious position under police carA little dog in Phoenix, Arizona in precarious position under police car

A little dog in Phoenix, Arizona, recently found himself in a precarious position – trapped in the undercarriage of a police vehicle. The odd predicament was brought to light by the Phoenix Police Department on Wednesday.

On the department’s Facebook page, an explanation for the bizarre scenario was shared with followers of the page, “Local Dog Fails PhxPD K-9 Tryouts: While patrolling the Maryvale/Estrella Mountain Precinct, near 47th Avenue and Encanto Blvd, Lt. Tom Van Dorn came across a pack of small dogs running down the street. He sounded his horn to dispurse the K-9 clutch. Three of them scurried off, but one unlucky pooch ran under the lieutenant’s car.”

Lt. Van Dorn immediately stopped and exited his patrol vehicle to check on the welfare of the dog – he was shocked to discover that the stray pooch was hiding in the undercarriage of his patrol Tahoe. It took some coaxing to entice the frightened pup out – the officer even resorted to a hot dog in a failed attempt to lure the pup out of the SUV.

Finally Maricopa County Animal Care and Control officers arrived and they were able to help the dog out of his strange hiding spot.

The department assured worried Facebook followers that the dog was A-Okay:
No animals were harmed during this incident!!!

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