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Even though I’ve established the fact that it’s a dog’s life among most catchFred readers, I can’t help noticing additional reasons that make this statement true. For instance, the other day I was watching my human playing something referred to as a video game. When involved in this rather silly activity, my human actually talks to fictitious characters on a screen–sometimes even in very graphic language–and exhibits boisterous and uncalled for behavior when they don’t do what he wants.

Personally, I think my human would be much better off if he spent more time around other people like himself, instead of becoming fixated with funny looking images on a screen. It’s bad enough the amount of time he spends watching TV, but at least with that activity, there is eventually an end in sight: he will inevitably turn it off in an abrupt manner, complaining about how there is “nothing on.” Just for your information, though, this is never true when he says it. There is always something on. I think what he means to say is that there is nothing he wants to see. (Humans always did have a little trouble communicating what they really think.)

Anyway, I was considering speaking to his vet about his condition, because last night he was up until 4 AM and his excuse to me was that he was in a serious “combat.” Well, once again…this was not true. I happen to know that whenever he chooses to, he can end the game. Let’s face it, games are what you play out in the sunshine with a ball or frisbee. These busy, noisy images on a flat screen would not even remotely interest any self-respecting dog, but they certainly seem to be held in high regard by some catchFred readers and humans in general. I honestly think you should all spend more time interacting with each other, instead of talking to–or trying to kill–made up characters. Trust me, you will feel more relaxed, happy, and connected if you spend more time with each other instead of with inanimate objects. Remember, it’s a dog’s life, so if you want to be happier and healthier, just watch what we do and do the same!

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