Local Dog Trainer Has Advice After He Was Attacked

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Local Dog Trainer Has Advice After He Was Attacked

A dog trainer from Las Vegas, Nevada was recently attacked by a dog while on duty. He was working with his pup when another dog began to attack his dog and would not back down. He put his arm out in efforts to prevent it from harming his dog, and it continued to clench his arm with its teeth. The trainer was shaken up a bit with minimal injuries, but still kept a positive attitude towards the dog. The owner who’s responsible for the aggressive dog did not correct the behavior or respond to the trainer’s commentary.

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The trainer still has faith in all dog’s aggressive behavior or not, which is why he’s in the job profession of working with dogs of all types. He stated that ultimately, there are no aggressive breeds just inexperienced dog owners, and any signs of aggression need to be corrected to improve positive behaviors. Dogs that show sketchy behavior around children or other animals should be monitored closely. First signs of aggression should immediately be addressed and corrected. Hitting your dog to prevent aggressive behavior can be counterproductive and do more harm to your dog than good. Work with a trained professional on getting your dog to be more sociable and friendly.

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The dog wasn’t harmed that bad and was able to recover quickly, getting back to playing with the others. The trainer said to prevent a dog from shaking, grab around the neck as close to the ears, and under the neck as possible, and squeeze. To stop a dog that is lunging and attacking another dog, jump on them, forcing them to the ground with your body weight, while protecting your face from their mouth. Always be aware of dog’s behaviors and of the environment you’re in and signals from your dog that something’s up.

Source: http://www.ktnv.com/news/local-dog-trainer-attacked-by-dog-now-has-advice

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