How Long Should My Dog Stay in the Sun?


How Long Should My Dog Stay in the Sun?

When the weather is nice the last thing your dog wants to do is sit inside. Dogs can spend lots of time outside and enjoy parks, open areas of land, lakes, and oceans! Letting your dog join you for a bonfire or backyard BBQ is always fun too. Your pup can stay out even longer when they have shade and water, so day trips to the lake are possible.

There is no time limit to how much sun your dog should get, but do know they only cool off by panting and don’t have sweat glands like humans. Dogs with short hair and light colored fur can get sunburned; while dogs with darker and longer hair may heat up quicker! The size of your dog and their activity level on a daily basis also takes part in how much time your dog can withstand in the sun. Monitor their breathing and make sure they drink enough water to prevent heat exhaustion and stroke. Never leave your dog locked in the car or tied to a post in the open sun, their ability to get to shade in cooler spots is limited when they are in these positions, and the heat can turn dangerous very quick.

There is no time limit to how much sun is too much sun, but as a rule of thumb – whenever you’ve had enough, they probably have to. Dogs are a bit more tolerant of extreme weather, but they are still affected. If you’ve been outside in the sun for 3 hours with no breaks and minimal shading, taking 30 minutes to 1-hour breaks inside should rejuvenate you for another round in the sun. Remember to stay hydrated and keep plenty of water for you and your pets on your adventure outdoors!

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