Maintaining a Shiny, Healthy Coat for Your Dog

Maintaining a Shiny, Healthy Coat for Your Dog

Is your dog’s coat dry or matted? Does their coat have a flat tone or do they constantly shed? If so, maintain your dog’s coat is just as important to their overall health as anything else. Maintaining a healthy coat for your dog is as simple as paying attention to what’s in their food or a brush down once a week.

In many commercial dog foods, they lack the quality of nutrients that will keep your dog in their best shape. Low-fat diets may cause an omega-6 deficiency which dries out the hair and changes the texture of their natural coat. Not only does the fur get affected, but so does their skin underneath. If your dog has dry skin, try oatmeal, coconut oil, or aloe vera baths. These remedies will seal in moisture to the skin and help the fur and coat stay shiny and healthy.

Regularly brush and de-shed your dog, depending on the breed this may need to be done more or less often. Most dogs’ coats are affected seasonally, and keeping up with their fur in between season changes will better prepare them for the harsh weather.

All in all, if your dog’s coat is consistently dry or flaky and they have irritated or red skin, you should take them to the vet to see if there is an allergy issue or any other things that need medical attention. Many bug bites, infections, or allergies present themselves through the dog’s coat.  Large patches or abrasions with pus or blood should be treated immediately, always make sure to keep your dog’s bedding clean, monitor their behavior after eating new foods or trying new cleaning products. Most side effects occur within 12 hours and if any vomiting, dizziness, excessive diarrhea take your dog to the hospital as soon as possible.


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