The Major Side-Effect of Weight Loss – Your Dog’s Memory Drain

he Major Side-Effect of Weight Loss – Your Dog’s Memory Drain

The Major Side-Effect of Weight Loss Your Dogs Memory Drain

You may have encountered several advantages of losing weight over the years. The television advertisements promote it like it’s the best thing that could happen to anyone. And you are bound to find a tiny excerpt advocating ‘revolutionary’ weight loss techniques in a far corner of any website you visit. But did you know that there is one major benefit of not losing your weight in a jiffy? Maintaining the loyalty of your pet canine! Shane Godfrey from North Carolina found this out the hard way.

Shane had taken care of the pooch, named Willie, for over a year since the latter ended up on his doorstep a frosty, winter evening. Willie had never barked in rage at his owner since it was taken in. However, disaster struck a couple of months ago when Shane had to be hospitalized for treating the complications that had arisen from the flu.

Five weeks Shane had to spend at the hospital, and the treatments were dire enough to reduce his weight by over 50 lbs. When he finally arrived back to his house, he expected a friendly greeting from his loyal dog, and he seemed to be getting just that as the pooch eagerly came running toward him to find his heavy-set master, but instead beheld a severely emaciated man resting grandly on a bench in the lawn.

What could the poor dog do but bark in rage at this skeletal little figure trespassing its master’s property. And then as the canine jumped close to the skinny man, it happened! Its profound sense of smell kicked in, and before long, it realized that was the master himself. Things eventually came back to normal as Willie let Shane caress its sleek furs for several minutes, trembling in excitement throughout at getting its master back. Here’s how it all panned out,

Imagine how a drastic change in your weight could hamper the senses of your pet if as loyal a pooch as Willie could take a few good seconds to recognize its caring master. We would recommend that you regularly interact with your dog during the slimming process, just so that the change won’t be as hard on your puppy as it was with Willie. You can’t really do anything if you, god forbid, get infected with the flu. Here’s to taking good care of yourself and your pet, so that you enjoy many long years of its loyal friendship!

By Dhaval Gawas

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