Making a bucket list for Jada – rescued from horrendous conditions, thoughts?

Jada      Humane CNY FB pageJada Humane CNY FB page

A senior dog named “Jada,” is being provided with the chance to experience things that she was never able to enjoy in her past. The pit bull was rescued just two weeks ago from a sad life of neglect, reported WSYR News. Jada was kept in such dismal conditions at her home in Syracuse, New York, that her former owners, 39-year-old Gregory Bryant and 35-year old Tanisha Fain, are now facing cruelty charges.

Today, Jada is free from the cruelty that she endured, but a recent diagnosis of terminal cancer has stolen her opportunity to enjoy as much time as she deserves. On January 23, just two days after Jada’s fans learned of her aggressive cancer, Humane CNY alerted its Facebook followers that Jada is going to be provided with a “bucket list,” to help her enjoy as much of life as possible – the post reads, “As I watch Jada, our staff and volunteers bond I’m starting to feel like the parent who’s children have found a dog and everyone even the dog are looking at you with the “can we keep her eyes” everyone is working on a bucket list for her and we may need some help squeezing a life time of experiences into a short amount of time!”

The shelter has stated that they are accepting ideas to help make the best of the time that Jada has left:

Staff and volunteers have already began working to fulfill Jada’s bucket list! If anyone can help or have suggestions please let us know! We will post updates and photos of her enjoying the outpouring of love she is receiving from our community!

Follow Jada’s last precious moments at this link to Humane CNY on Facebook.

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