Making Friends with your Best Friend


Making Friends with your Best Friend

A dog is known to be man’s best friend. But you cannot simply expect any dog on the street to realize this unbreakable bond with you. Like forging and developing any other relationship, you will first need to make an effort from your end. This very effort will eventually evolve into a beautiful friendship. However, how should you break the ice? Any dog will initially either bark at you or pay you no heed whatsoever. So, how could you go about making friends with these primitive animals? A research that was recently conducted revealed the best way to introduce yourself to most of the canines.

  • Befriend the Owner: If it is not a stray that you are trying to approach, you will first need to befriend the owner of the pooch. A pet dog always assesses how its owner interacts with a stranger. If the owner is friendly with the stranger, then the dog will also warm up to the latter pretty quickly. If the pooch senses some discomfort during the interaction, it will immediately get its guard up, preparing to attack at the first sign of danger. Hence, it is critical that you befriend the owner before approaching the dog.

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  • Direct Eye Contact is a Big No: Whenever you are trying to make friends with a canine, never make eye contact with it. A direct eye contact implies a threat to the beast. Admire its fur, look at its ears or nose, and try to position yourself beside the dog rather than in front of it.


  • A Simple Sniff Will Let You Know: After the pooch has been in your company for quite a few minutes, you can let it have a sniff. Hold a closed fist near its nose. If the dog seems comfortable with your smell, you may go ahead and pat it. Remember, don’t caress it on its head or near its tail. Pat its back or the small of its neck. If the dog doesn’t agree with your smell and backs away, it would be better for you to back off as well.

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Don’t push it just yet; there will always be a new tomorrow, and then another. Take it as slow as you can, and you will definitely build a bond with your apparent best friend.

By Dhaval Gawas

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