Man Arrested For Tapping Dog’s Muzzle Shut


Man Arrested For Tapping Dog’s Muzzle Shut; It is truly heart breaking and downright horrifying the things that some people will do to animals just to humor themselves or because they ‘can’. Caitlyn was a sweet and beautiful dog that had never done anything to harm anyone and what was done to her is unnecessary, unjustified and just plain unforgivable.

When Caitlyn was found her mouth had been taped shut with her tongue between her teeth. A stranger called 911 and reported her condition and she was taken to an animal hospital for treatment. It was determined that her mouth had been taped for at least a couple of days and it was feared that she would lose a large portion of her tongue because of damage during the ordeal. Fortunately the veterinarians who took care of her were able to save the majority of her tongue but she did have to undergo reconstructive surgery because of the damage that was done to her lips.

It has been reported that Caitlyn is recovering well but there will no doubt be permanent scarring that will be life long from the injuries that were inflicted. That is not to even begin to describe the effects of the emotional trauma that will linger long after the physical wounds have healed. No animal should have to endure the cruelty and torture that this defenseless animal was subjected to.

Once Caitlyn had been rescued it didn’t take long for her story to go public. It was not long after that when people began coming forward with information about the person that was responsible for these horrible injuries. Authorities arrested the man that they believe is responsible for these actions and according to court records his bond was set at $50,000. This does not seem like much of a bond compared to the monumental suffering that sweet Caitlyn has been forced to endure however there were other stipulations placed on the man’s bond agreement as well. One of those conditions was that he not be allowed to own any kind of animal. This resulted in another animal being removed from his home upon his release. This may come as little consolation to Caitlyn since the damage to her sweet body and spirit has already been done however it may help to prevent something similar happening to another animal at the hands of the same person.

One witness stated that the man suspected of this crime had actually bragged and laughed about what he had done saying that she wouldn’t stop barking. It was also reported that the suspect had other criminal charges pending prior to obtaining Caitlyn and was actually on probation for a previous unrelated conviction. For his allleged abuse and mistreatment of Caitlyn the man has been charged with felony animal torture. If convicted on this charge he is looking at a jail sentence of anywhere between 6 months and 5 years as well as a possibly $5,000 fine to go along with it. That still seems mild to anyone who has worked with this sweet animal during her recovery. Those who have worked with her say she has been nothing but sweet and mild mannered with a fear towards men, which is to be expected after her ordeal.

There are far too many dogs – and other animals – that have suffered as Caitlyn has and even worse at the hands of their owners or other humans in their lives. These animals are often the picture of love and loyalty and for that they are mistreated horrible making it next to impossible to trust anyone again. This is why there should be much stricter penalties against those who are found guilty of such crimes. In addition to the punishments these people should never again be allowed to own animals of any kind. If only one life can be saved it would make a difference.

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  1. But cayleen is doing good, she was I surgery, hope she has a good home, that baby was horrible ABUSED, but lucky at the SAME time, love u darling a hope u are going to be ok

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