Man arrested after posting pics of stoned puppy on facebook

stoned puppy and Paul Gage Arndt

A 22-year-old man in Jewel, Iowa, was paid a visit by the local authorities, and his puppy was seized, following a post to Facebook indicating that the pup had eaten “too many weed brownies.” According to Wednesday’s KCCI News, authorities in Hamilton County were led to the home of Paul Gage Arndt after a video of a compromised pit bull puppy was posted to Arndt’s Facebook page.

Concerned individuals reached out to the police after viewing a video on Arndt’s Facebook account. The video, showing a pit bull mix pup who appeared to be impaired, was accompanied by the concerning statement, “This is why you don’t eat too many weed brownies.” The authorities visited the man’s residence on Tuesday – the puppy in question was found to be in need of immediate veterinary help.

The concerning Facebook post and video will likely result in charges for the young man – including animal torture and other drug-related charges. His mother, Shan Green, has stated that Arndt uses marijuana for medicinal purposes and that he did not intentionally give something to the puppy – rather, the pup snagged a drug-laced item from a table.

The authorities are still investigating the circumstances surrounding this case.

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  1. Oh the puppy accidentally snagged one says the mother….sometimes as a parent you have to let your child suffer the consequences of being stupid. You dont post accidents on fb ass hole

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