Man Built A Train For His Rescued Dogs


Man Built A Train For His Rescued Dogs:  The dogs that have been rescued by this elderly man see him as a special kind of hero especially after what he took the time to do for them, because of his age and the number of dogs that Eugene Bostick has rescued he is not physically able to take them on walks around town the conventional way so he came up with an idea. Bostick’s idea was to make a ‘puppy train’ that he could hook up to his tractor. Once he made this puppy train he had something that he could use to take his rescue pets around town anytime he wants and the animals love it.

Bostick is an 80 year old retiree that lives in Fort Worth, Texas. Although he owns his own farm which gives his rescue pets plenty of room to roam around freely he wanted something that would allow him to take them on adventures around town on a regular basis. It was this thinking that spawned the idea for the special train that would seat all his pets of which there are currently nine.

Bostick got the idea for his puppy train when he seen someone with a similar contraption that they used for pulling rocks. The cars for his puppy train are made from plastic barrels that he cut holes in the top of and put wheels under. Each train car is big enough for a dog to ride comfortably in and Bostick takes them on trips around town a couple times a week. This practice has become greatly looked forward to by the animals and they become excited each time they see Bostick hook up to the train.

Bostick says that because he lives at the end of a dead end road that over the years many dogs have been abandoned there to fend for themselves. Each time this happens he not only feeds the unwanted canines but also gives them a home and lots of love as well. In addition to that he allows takes them to the vet and gets them spayed or neutered and keeps them as healthy as possible. It is no doubt that these unwanted animals have found a wonderful and loving home at Eugene Bostick’s farm and he loves them just as much as they love him. Without this amazing man many of these abandoned and unwanted animals would likely die when left to their own devices.

It is not uncommon for pet owners to pamper their pets in many different ways from fancy foods to fancy toys. Bostick has come up with a way to really pamper his pets with his brilliant creation. While many people might consider this pampering his pets Bostick does not see it that way. In his way of thinking he is just making things better for the pets that he loves so much.

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