Man Charged And Sentenced For Torture And Killing Of Puppy


Man Charged And Sentenced For Torture And Killing Of Puppy

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) – A man charged with torturing and killing a dog in Salt Lake City last November was sentenced to jail Nov. 4.

Court records show that Mikah Johnson was sentenced Friday to a suspended prison sentence of one to five years, including one full year in jail, three years on probation and 200 hours of community service.

Johnson was charged with three charges of torture of a companion animal, four charges of cruelty to an animal and one charge of assault. He was charged with abusing he and his girlfriends dog, a border collie named Moose, numerous times.

Court records show that Johnson, 19 at the time, kicked Moose down the stairs, beat Moose while his girlfriend was away and sprayed Moose in face with Lysol and carpet cleaner repeatedly.

Pathology reports from a doctor showed Moose died from severe bleeding in his lungs and pulmonary system along with at least two incidents of blunt force trauma. X-rays showed the dog also had a broken jaw, missing and broken teeth, and the puppy’s liver was fractured in two places.

Johnson may not be in contact with any animals or anyone under the age of 18 while he’s on probation.

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