Manhattan Loves Dogs and they have the Dog Parks to prove it


Manhattan Loves Dogs!

You might be suprised to hear this; “Mahattan is a great place for dog parks”

A list you’ll find helpful:

Downtown Dog Runs

• Kowsky Plaza (Sirius Dog Run), Battery Park City near Gateway Plaza: This brand-new dog run has mounds for dogs to jump over and a water fountain for them to splash in or drink from.

• Tribeca Dog Run, Warren St. between Greenwich and Chambers: Use of this run is by membership only. Call 212-732-9657 for more information.

• West Village D.O.G. Run, Little West 12th St.: Membership at this private dog run costs $40/year. Because membership is limited, there is often a waiting list.

• Tompkins Square Park, East 9th St. at Ave. B: The historic first dog run in New York is large with separate areas for large and small dogs, benches and picnic tables, and water.

• Washington Square Park, West 4th St. and McDougal: In the southwest corner of the park, you’ll find the very popular and recently renovated dog runs. There are separate runs for larger and smaller dogs.

• Mercer-Houston Dog Run, Mercer St. at Houston St.: This private run across from the Angelica movie theater has a plastic wading pool for doggie splashing. Membership costs $50/year.

• Union Square, West 15th St. and Union Square West: This well-maintained and recently-renovated dog run has benches and a water source.


• Madison Square Park, East 24th St. at 5th Ave.: Clean and rarely crowded.

• Stuyvesant Square, East 15th St. between 1st and 2nd Aves.: This run is actually a section of the park (on the west side of 2nd Ave) that is cordoned off for a few hours each day by volunteers.

Midtown Dog Runs

• Thomas Smith Park/Chelsea, 11th Ave. at W. 24th St.: This unique dog run has rock formations and a fallen tree bridge.

• Hell’s Kitchen Dog Run, West 39th St. at 10th Ave.: This private dog run features chairs, umbrellas and a garden. Membership costs $25 a year. In addition, members are expected to volunteer 4 hours of maintenance time per year or to donate an additional $40 per year towards maintenance costs.

• Robert Moses Park, E. 41st St. at 1st Ave.: This is a small run without many amenities, but functional.

• Peter Detmold Park, E. 49th St. at FDR Drive: Lots of space, but a bit noisy and windy.

• Dewitt Clinton Park, W. 52nd St. at 11th Ave.: This small run has a water supply, with a small swimming pool in the summer.

• E. 60th Street Pavilion, 60th St. at the East River: Small private dog run.

Uptown Dog Runs

• Riverside Park at 72nd St., Riverside Drive at W. 72nd St.: This run features a river view and benches.

• Theodore Roosevelt Park, Central Park W. at W. 81st St.: Water faucets, shade, and plenty of benches.

• Carl Schurz Park, E. 86th St. at East End Ave.: Here you’ll find a good-sized main run with benches and running water, along with a smaller run with a nice view of the river and the 59th St. bridge.

• Riverside Park at 87th St., Riverside Drive at W. 87th St.: This run has a fountain, a hose, and a separate area for small or shy dogs.

• Riverside Park at 105th St., Riverside Drive at W. 105th St.: This lovely dog run has a water fountain and a paw-friendly crushed gravel surface. A dog-friendly outdoor café is located across the promenade.

• Morningside Park, Morningside Ave. at 116th St.: A hilltop run with a view.

• Thomas Jefferson Park, E. 112th St. at 1st Ave.: A small run, but the only one in the area.

• Marcus Garvey Park, E. 120th St. at Madison Ave.: A dog run in a lovely historic park.

• Fort Tryon Park, 190th St. and Fort Washington: Large, fenced-in lawn is a 24-hour off-leash space for dogs. Dogs are also allowed at the nearby outdoor cafe.

• J. Hood Wright Park, W. 173rd St. between Fort Washington and Haven Aves.: An enclosed dog run with a dirt surface.

Inwood Hill Dog Park, W. 207th St.: Small gravel do

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