Marijuana Oil for Dogs

Marijuana Oil for Dogs

Scientific research has led to the legalization of marijuana in some parts of America. This is because the plant helps in treating certain health conditions such as cancer, seizures and anxiety. The legalization is for medicinal use only so you can’t use the plant the way you want. The plant was first tested in humans. After thorough research was carried out, researchers realized that marijuana is beneficial to dogs that are suffering from certain health conditions.

Just like its name suggests, the oil is obtained from marijuana plant via CO2 extraction. According to Dr. Tim Shu, founder and CEO of a pet cannabis company in California called VETCBD, the liquid is held in the glands of the trichomes of the flower.

Your dog won’t get high after taking marijuana oil because it’s administered   in appropriate dosages. The oil helps in relieving your dog from pain, nausea and anxiety by mixing with receptors in the endocannabinoid system. Moreover, marijuana oil has no effect on the liver and kidney.

Dangers of Overusing Marijuana Oil

Too much of something is dangerous. If your dog takes too much of the oil, it will eventually get high. At such times, it may not be able to stand. Besides that, the canine can go for several days without eating. If the condition persists for several days, you should take the dog to the nearest vet clinic.  Giving your dog more than the recommended dosage can cause death.

Marijuana oil should be administered orally or mixed with other drugs. This is because it doesn’t react badly when administered alongside other medicine. Since there is no specific dosage for marijuana oil, you should allow an experienced vet to administer the oil to your dog.

On the other hand, you should only buy from reputable manufacturers to avoid wasting money on fake oil. You can actually buy marijuana oil on the internet. Some states such as California require you to obtain a medical marijuana card from a registered doctor before you buy the oil

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