Moving on After the Death of Your Dog

Taming the Leash Pulling Dog

Dogs are part of our families. When a dog passes on, it leaves a gap that’s not easy to fill. When a dog dies suddenly, most people are quick to turn the blame on themselves. They feel that they should have done something to save the dog’s life. What they don’t understand is that all humans and animals have to die after living for certain number of years.

When you wake up in the morning and find that your dog is no more, you should take it to a veterinary clinic for postmortem procedure. The operation will definitely unmask what caused the dog to die. Knowing what killed your dog helps in recovering from the loss.

Natural Death Vs Euthanasia

Every dog owner will tell you that they prefer their canine to pass on naturally in its sleep. But this is rarely the case. Most dogs die prematurely due to illnesses and severe injuries. Euthanasia is used when the dog is going through severe pain and it’s clear that it will die at some point because the condition can’t be remedied.

In such a case going for euthanasia helps in saving your dog from immense pain. But there are dog owners who feel that euthanasia should come towards the end of their dog’s life. On the other hand, it’s hard to tell when the end will come. Euthanizing your dog can also relieve you from emotional suffering. The good thing about natural death is that it gives you time to prepare for the looming loss.

Take Time to Grief

It’s hard to believe that the dog you adored so much is no more. In fact, you should not withhold your feelings. It’s advisable to find someone who has lost a dog in the past and confide in them. This is because they understand how it feels to loose a dog that you used to feed and play with everyday. However, you should know that time is a healer. The only problem is that healing will not happen in an overnight. You therefore have to be patient like a saint.

Give Away his Toys

Although you can never forget your dog, you should consider keeping a few of his pictures and give out the toys to friends who have dogs. The things to give away include the blankets, camping shoes, collar, leash and feeding bowl. This helps in accepting that your dog is gone and it will never come back.

If you choose to keep all his stuff, you might find yourself doing the same things that you used to do when he was still alive. For instance, you might buy dog meal like you used to. Such behavior causes emotions to run high. Besides that, you should also inform your kids about the death of your dog so that they can accept it’s gone forever. This means you should not sugarcoat anything.

Getting another Dog

At times it’s very tempting to bring another dog to your home. While bringing another dog might help you carry on with life, there is no need of rushing. Lest you forget, you had a strong bond with the departed dog. It’s therefore recommended that you wait until you have healed completely from the loss.

If you bring another dog too soon, you might view it as the deceased because its memories are still fresh. There are some people who feel it’s ok to bring another dog after a couple of months while others take more than a year.

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