Too much Honey? Learn why dogs hate to be hugged!


Too much Honey? Learn why dogs hate to be hug!


We arrive home, exhausted after a long day of work, and there it is our dear can waiting, scratching the door after he barely feels us approaching.  We take the keys out of the pocket and Voilá,  he start running around us,  jumps, wiggle its tail, u could actually see him smiling… Then, since you are also truly happy to see him, lift it off the ground and give him a long warm hug … Well, he hates you to do that.

It may be heartbreaking but, a study conducted by the canine psychologist Stanley Coren has rebelled dogs go under great stress while they’re cuddled … Wait! What? Yes, mindblowing isn’t? Evaluating more than 250 photos of dogs being hugged by their owners, Coren published this awful truth.

Dog Hugging might not be the greatest idea. It feels great Though...

For the photographic analysis, Coren detected indicators of stress in dog expressions: Gestures such as head-Turning, eye-closure, licking, half moon eyes, ears down, revealed that in more than 80% of cases, dogs would have preferred to flee.

This is because, when they are hugged, they feel trapped and their instinct to flee makes them feel anguish making them believe they cannot escape in case of danger. Under threat we react instinctively through “fight or flight” reflex, enclosing it in your arms intending to show them love, is actually generating them imprisonment sensations.

If you want to show your dog that you love it, don’t hug him … I’m not very clear how I’ll manage to contain myself, but according to Coren’s research giving them space is much more beneficial for their development and tranquility.

Don’t forget that there are also numerous alternatives to show affection: petting, toyz, fetching ball, belly rubbing (wich they tottaly enjoy), treats … And well, there is the possibility your dog belongs to that 20% who enjoys hugs. Share with us pictures that show you hugging your dog, Does it look anxious? Does it look happy? We’ll see!

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