Mudhol Hound; Abyss to Breeder’s Favorite


In recent news; a breed of dog that was previously on the verge of extinction is now a new favorite among breeders. The Mudhol Hound, from the edge of the Abyss to Breeder’s Favorite – the reason for this spike in the popularity of this breed is credited largely in part to the efforts of the Canine Research and Information Centre. The center is located in the village of Thimmapur in Bagalkot District in India and was established about two years ago. Since that time the center has strived to increase awareness of this diminishing breed and has thus succeeded in vastly increasing the popularity as well in a relatively short time.

In an effort to encourage breeding and reproduction of the Mudhol Hound the center has given puppies to over 300 families in the area. In addition to this the center is also providing the food and medical care as well as training to the families free of charge. After three years the families that are given these dogs are free to sell them and current prices indicate how sought after this breed has become in such a short span of time. Because of this increase in popularity, more families are looking to take in dogs of this breed.

Another thing that the center has begun doing recently is holding dog shows for the Mudhol Hound with the first one being held this year. Thousands of people turned out for this first showing which included more than 300 dogs.

Since this particular breed of dog is well known for its tolerance of extreme weather conditions and its strong sense of smell they are most sought after by hunters and farmers. They also have strong hunting abilities as well which makes them ideal for many different tasks. Just two years ago these dogs were being sold at very low prices and now those prices have increased substantially with the increase in awareness of the breed.

Mudhol Hounds were originally brought to India centuries ago by Arabs, Afghans and Persians. This breed of dog is one of more than 30 that are currently recognized internationally. Because popularity of this breed as well as the price at which they are sold has increased so dramatically many low income families have turned to breeding them as an added source of income.

It is believe by the center that as awareness of the breed continues to increase so will the price that these dogs may be sold for. This makes breeding even more lucrative than it has been in the past. It is the goal of the center to continue increasing awareness of the Mudhol Hound at every opportunity until the breed is no longer in danger of becoming extinct. It is also a goal of the center for the community to come to understand the true value of this particular breed.

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