How Much Do Our Dogs Really Love Us?


Do you ever wonder if our dogs truly love us, or if they are just having a laugh behind our backs? If you’re like most dog owners, you have probably taken a trip to the vet and told everyone in the waiting room how well behaved your puppy is, only to have him suddenly begin chasing smaller dogs or growling and salivating in the direction of an innocent cat. Another scenario you may have experienced is telling visitors not to worry, as your pooch would never jump on strangers. Of course, immediately after saying so, your guest is left with muddy spots on his or her outfit from your dog’s paws, and looks at you as if you are insane. It’s at times like this we start to wonder if they are really all that dedicated to us, or simply view us as a means to an end because we give them dog food and show them affection? However, the latter is a scenario that we will likely never resign ourselves to, even if one day we have proof. Those cute, cuddly creatures with their big beautiful eyes must have a soul that truly has our best interests at heart. Right? Hmmmm…

Kidding aside, most individuals do feel as if their dogs love them. Although it is true that we feed them, play with them, and many times, allow them to snuggle up to us in bed, they are often loyal even when we have little time to indulge them. Perhaps part of their loyalty stems from the fact that they view us as the pack leaders. In wolf societies, there is obviously an Alpha male and an Alpha female. Have we, in the mind of our pets, taken on this role, and therefore must be treated with affection regardless of how they really feel? Either way, if you are like most people you probably love your pooch a lot and are concerned about your dog’s health and well-being. Ultimately, no matter what goes on in the mind of our best friend, it is obvious that dogs enrich our lives in many ways.

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