Natural Recipes For DIY Flea Remedies

Natural Recipes For DIY Flea Remedies

Collars, sprays, shampoos, talc powders are typical applications that promise to prevent, take care and eliminate all flea traces that can attack our dear and hairy friend with whom you share pillows each night… Although you have warned him not to climb, I know!

Loaded with chemicals and harmful toxins substances, these products can be truly harmful to some delicate skin breeds and useless for those with a dense coat, as they can’t reach every place in which the insects could hide. If you are looking for organic and natural alternatives to protect your furry friends without risk of intoxication, you are in the right place!

Natural remedies to try at home:

Natural flea collars: Take an old inexpensive nylon or cotton pet collar and let it sit in the following mix: unflavoured Vodka, a teaspoon of unflavored vodka, 1 drop of rosemary essential oil, 1 drop of thyme essential oil and 1 capsule of garlic oil. Repeat the process each week.

Apple cider vinegar: Adding some cider vinegar to your pet’s drinking bowl will increase its blood acidity causing it to emit a certain odor that makes it less appetizing for fleas, acting like a sort of repellent without becoming detectable by humans.

From Inside out: You can also mix half a spray of apple cider vinegar and half water to cover your dog and let it dry naturally.

Another spray: A Highly concentrated Tea made out of Fresh Rosemary could be used to spray your dog until it’s soaked and let it dry naturally.

Eucalyptus: It have a smells stork enough to repel flies, mosquitoes, and even fleas. Placing decorative branches of this plant in places where there may be a flea infestation will make them run away.

If your dog contracted a severe flea infestation it’s imperative that you properly remove and clean his bed and places where he sleeps frequently. Check with your veterinarian and remember that like with any other disease, it’s easier to prevent it from being treated.

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