Negative Response to Budweiser Dog Ad

Negative Attention over Budweiser Ad

There has been quite a bit of negative attention over a Budweiser ad that animal activists feel suggest animal neglect or outright cruelty. The ad shows a dog that is left alone while his owner spends the night out drinking and partying. As a result the dog is left at home alone all night which many people think is an irresponsible and negligent thing to do. Like any story however there are two sides that should be considered before passing judgment on the actions of someone else.

Dog owners have a responsibility to care for and protect the dogs that they choose to own. This has always been true and there is no disputing the fact that if you choose to own a dog then you should be responsible enough to take care of that dog. There are times however when dogs have to be left alone for long periods of time. While some dogs can handle this alone time other dogs don’t handle it so well. It is times like this when the dog owner has to ask themselves if they might not benefit from getting someone to sit with the dog in their absence if they know that they are going to be gone for more than a couple of hours. While it may be foolish and irresponsible to leave your dog home alone all night while you are out drinking and partying think about the flip side of that – if you were working the dog would be left home alone for probably about the same amount of time right? So why is it irresponsible to leave a dog alone for one reason and not the other? It is advisable however if the dog is going to be left alone for that length of time that you should at least have someone to check in on it for reasons such as taking it out and to make sure that it has plenty of food and water.

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