Sharing human treats with your Dog


If your dog companion is more of a member of the family than a pet, you might be in a habit of sharing your own food/treats that are harmful to him. Human meals are fine when shared in moderation but when talking about treats such as Chocolates it is definitely a No-No!

Chocolate can sicken as well as kill dogs; also it is among the most typical reasons for canine poisoning. Michelle DeHaven, a veterinarian states that the worst situation of chocolate poisoning she ever saw happened when some proprietors given their eight-pound dog one pound of chocolate on his birthday. “We needed to treat your dog with liquids and anti-seizure medication for 5 days, states DeHaven, who practices in Smyrna, Ga. “Each time we stopped the meds he’d start seizuring again. You would not feed a child one pound of chocolate, however they have given it to some small dog.”

No quantity of chocolate is alright for the dog to eat. Chocolates and baker’s chocolate are riskiest among the types of chocolate while milk and whitened chocolate pose a similar amount of risk.

Why Is Chocolate Poisonous to Dogs?

Chocolate is made of cacao, and cacao beans contain caffeine along with a related chemical compound known as theobromine, the real danger.


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