October Is Pit Bull Awareness Month


October Is Pit Bull Awareness Month; For years Pit Bulls have been regarded as dangerous animals that are aggressive and sometimes even deadly. Unfortunately this incorrect stereotype has led to the bad reputation and negative publicity that surrounds this precious breed. In 2007 some of that negative publicity began to change as October was named specifically for Pit Bull Awareness in an effort to change how the public sees this breed.

One of the most important things to remember concerning Pit Bulls is that they are not born bad any more than a person is born bad. Like people the attitude of this breed of dog is dependent on what they are taught and how they are trained. For example, if a person is taught to fight and trained to be aggressive or dangerous that becomes an integral part of who and what they are. The same is true with animals. If an animal is trained for fighting his entire life then of course that will be his first instinct. That does not mean that aggression is in his DNA it simply means that this is what he has been taught. While many people tend to blame the animal it is really the fault of the person that has taught such things to the animal rather than the animal itself that is to blame. After all, animals are dependent on humans to teach and train them and they have no control over what that teaching and training entails. As a result it stands to reason that the animal is not responsible for the things that he has learned.

Although many people tend to focus on the negative actions of Pit Bulls there are many positive aspects that are often overlooked. One such trait that is often taken out of context is loyalty. It is in the nature of any animal to be loyal to their owner sometimes to a fault. Often this means fiercely protecting home and family. This particular breed is fiercely loyal and protective to their family. While some may see this as aggression it is really only a need to protect what they see as theirs and this includes their home and the people in it. This does not make the breed aggressive it simply makes them protective which is what most owners expect from their dogs.

Another trait that may people claim is missing from the Pit Bull breed is that of love. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This particular breed of dog is actually one of the most loving and affectionate breeds that you can come in contact with. Not only do they have a strong love for people but they generally get along well with other animals as well. Pit Bulls are often especially fond of children even though there are many people that claim that they are too dangerous to be owned by families with children.

The goal of Pit Bull Awareness is to educate people about the true nature of this breed of dog. This means dispelling the myths and rumors that surround the breed. While this is a difficult task there has been much improvement over the last few years about how this breed is seen. Fortunately the more that people become aware of their true nature the more this breed is understood and the less they are put into stereotypes that show them as anything less than what they are – beautiful and amazing creatures that want nothing more than to be loved and deserve as much respect as any other breed.

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