How Often Should I Replace My Dog’s Bed?


How Often Should I Replace My Dog’s Bed?

Replacing your dog’s bed is dependent on how the bed looks and feels, as well as your dog’s preference to the bed. In the beginning, your dog loved its bed, spent every minute on it, and now they won’t even sit on it if it’s the only option in the room. Your dog retreating from its bed could be a sign that they’re tired of it, or it’s physically hurting their body. Washing your dog’s bedding should happen every couple of weeks or if you notice your dog is dirtier than usual, more frequently. Keeping up with your dog’s wash and the bedding wash should be done together, that way you’re not undoing any work you’ve already done.


Your dog’s need to be replaced depends on a great deal on the quality and size of your dog. A large dog is naturally going to wear down a bed quicker than a smaller dog might. A large dog requires a bed with more cushion and support, not to say that a little dog doesn’t need these things, but a large dog needs this extra help to protect their joints and bones, especially. Small dogs still need good bedding, though typically it’s less expensive and easier to find a bed to accommodate their size.


If your dog is no longer showing interest in their bed, try washing everything and putting a new sheet on it. Though, if the dog is adamant about not sleeping on it, show them how comfortable it is by laying on it yourself, or just giving in to get a new one! Replace your dog’s bed on average about once a year or when the cushion no longer protects your dog from the hard floor. Keep your dog’s bed cleaned regularly and stay attentive to signs that your pup is uncomfortable.

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