Orion: A Rottweiler who saved 37 people during a natural Disaster

Orion: A Rottweiler who saved 37 people during a natural Disaster

The tropical climate of Vargas coast, full of beautiful beaches suitable for swimming and surfing, was the scene of the most shocking natural tragedy that has occurred in the history of Venezuela.

The sandy soil, coupled with the mountainous conformation of the Caracas valley bordering the Vargas state and a particularly intense rainy season that lasted several weeks, created the conditions for major landslides from the slopes to the shore,  sweeping along with vehicles, houses, hotels, families …

The events, that occurred in December 1999, left the country perplexed which in almost 200 years had not witnessed such type of tragedy. The whole world provided humanitarian aid in the rescue of wounded and deceased.

Support groups, such as the Red Cross, firefighters, Civil Protection, volunteers and other volunteer groups provided great help in rescuing those affected but, among them, a hero’s barking stood out in adversity.

Orion: son of the sea
Raised in a family who lived in the coast area, Orion, a nearly 10-year-old Rottweiler, became a symbol of hope. After the landslide, the human family of Orion, who took refuge from the water on the house roof, was rescued by military forces wich, at the time, gave priority to people leaving pets to their fate.

Next to Alfa, another Rottweiler, Negro the neighbor’s dog and a cat named Mickey, Orion saw his family leaving without understanding exactly what was happening and why they left them behind. Not being able to do anything else, trapped in a ceiling between water and tree tops… However, this Rottweiler, accustomed to swimming in the river nearby, didn’t lose his hope and two days later, to his family’s surprise, was a fundamental member of the rescue team in the disaster area.

At the beginning by himself, and later attached to a rope, Orion entered the flooded river to rescue children, elders … 37 people received help from the wonderful can, not counting all the victims that he led to safety in the shelters nearby.

As a result of his actions, Orion received a recognition medal for his bravery and lived a long life of 15 years, next to his family who never again had to return to leave behind such a noble volunteer.

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