Out of Control Pit Bulls – Rumors vs. Reality


Out of Control Pit Bulls – Rumors vs. Reality. The terms racial profiling, stereotyping and prejudice are common in the world as we know it today. These words are commonly used to describe other people that seem to think less of certain people based on the color of their skin. Unfortunately animals are affected in much the same way except it is not the color of their skin that presents the problem but rather their specific breed. For years Pit Bulls have been one breed that is the most directly affected because of such bias. It happens often when people believe everything that they hear about this amazing breed of animal rather than trying to learn the facts about the breed. This has led to the unnecessary condemnation of many Pit Bulls for no other reason than that they happen to be in that particular breed classification.

Animals are like people in many different respects. One such similarity is that you can’t always believe what you hear. If you are like some when you hear bad things you want to dig a little deeper and find out if what you hear is actually the truth. Sadly there are many times when what you hear is nothing more than a rumor. If you don’t take the time to find out the truth for yourself you have no way of knowing rumor from reality. The same is true for animals. If you hear something bad about an animal you shouldn’t just take what you hear as gospel. You should take the time to find out if what you have heard is in fact the truth or just someone else’s beliefs or ideas on the subject. Just because that is what someone thinks or believes does not mean that it is reality.

Aggressive Breed

Many people say that Pit Bulls are a mean and aggressive breed of animal. This may be the belief of some people however it is far from the truth by any means. This particular breed is actually one of the sweetest and most loving of all breeds. The only time that Pit Bulls are mean and aggressive is when they are trained to be that way by humans. Based on this concept it is the humans that should be to blame for the actions and attitudes of such animals not the animal itself and certainly not the entire breed.

Bad Choice for Pets

The people that say this breed of dog is a bad choice for a family pet are the same people that blame the animals or the breed in general for what they have been taught by humans. Pit Bulls actually make excellent pets when you leave out things like teaching them to be aggressive and fight. There are many dogs of this breed that have been pets even to families with young children. The families that own these pets will tell you that they are among the best pets that they have ever owned.

There are many people that say Pit Bulls are getting more and more out of control. The truth of the matter is that the only thing that is out of control is the bias that is used to judge such beautiful and loving creatures. Before you pass judgment on these amazing animals – or any other animal for that matter – take the time to learn all you can about them. Find out if it is truly the breed that is the problem or just the beliefs and ideas of certain people. If possible try to get information about the specific animal in question. Don’t be afraid to talk to different people and ask questions. In most if not all cases what many consider a bad animal is really just an animal that no one has taken the time to learn anything about.

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