Patrick the Miracle Dog


Two years ago, on March 16, a young pit-bull mix was thrown down in a garbage shoot from the 19th floor of a 22 floor apartment building. His body was dehydrated and the animal was starved. He was taken for dead. But as the maintenance man was preparing the pile of garbage for permanent removal, he perceived some movement inside the dark plastic bag, and lucky for Patrick, the man chose to investigate it.


The man called the NJ SPCA and the dying dog was taken to the NJ Associate Human Society’s vet hospital. There, the veterinarian saw some spark in the animal’s eye, a sort of yearning to live. She chose to give him life-giving fluids than to euthanize him (a procedure that is the norm in cases such as his), and promised him that, if he’d manage to live through the night, he’d be transported to the nearest emergency care facility.

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Animal are Earthlings too, let us all do out best to help those in need and believe we are smart enough to make a better life for all.

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