Penny Eims has lost her friend Lily after 11 years, RIP and thank you for everything

RIP LilyRIP Lily

This morning, the time came – the time that I have been dreading for years. My beloved German shepherd, “Lily,” has been set free from her old body. Lily made it past 13 years of age – an admirable feat for a large breed dog.

Rest in peace My Lily

Rest in peace My Lily (Eims)

I am grieving for my friend – for the past 11 years she was my constant companion, my shadow, my protector, my beloved companion. Suffice to say, life will not be the same in our house. Lily was as much a member of our family as our children – in fact, in all likelihood we have as many photos of our beautiful girl as we do of our two children.

For all the years that she was able to, she joined me on every outing – regardless of whether it was a big trip, or going to get the kids from school. For years, we walked, and ran, miles together. For years, she protected us from anyone who came to our door – her big voice was well known to friends and family and an excellent deterrent to those who were not welcome.

Lily was smart, beautiful, intuitive and kind – she was a gentle soul with the most lovely, expressive eyes.

The past year has been a struggle – Lily’s hind legs grew weak and her bladder was not what it used to be. Last night, her remaining “good” hind leg no longer worked and by this morning, it was readily apparent that it was her time to go…those eyes that reflected what was inside told us that she was no longer happy.

I know that she is now free from her failed body – I know that she is not suffering. However, right now, I am. I know that it gets easier with time, but for now, I am just going to hurt and miss her and remember all of the joy that she brought to me and our family, while the world outside continues to irritatingly go on – immune to my shattered heart.

Lily and Penny on beach at sunset

Lily and Penny on beach at sunset

We love you beautiful Lily – you were a dog among dogs, a friend among friends, the best that we ever could have hoped for and we will miss you terribly.

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