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Options Regarding the Burial of Your Beloved Dog.

Although it is certainly understandable why some individuals prefer to have their pets buried on their own property and handle the task themselves, if you are like some people, you may prefer to have your beloved dog buried in a pet cemetery. You may have even considered being buried next to your dog when you pass away. There are many reasons you may feel this way, and you are certainly not the first person who has considered these options. The alternative selected is largely a matter of personal preference, but the following are some essential facts that may help you with the decision-making process:

Naturally, if you plan to bury your dog in a pet cemetery, you will need to determine the cost. The latter will vary considerably based on factors such as the area of the country in which you live, and the establishment chosen. However, as a general rule, the cost of burying a dog in a pet cemetery is approximately $500-$750. You also have the option of a simple burial, or a funeral service to which family members and friends can be invited. In addition, yearly maintenance fees may apply, but these are typically nominal, running approximately $25-$35 per year. Some pet cemeteries offer additional accessories to adorn your pet’s grave, and most will be more than happy to allow you to “shop” in advance for such items.

Because pet cemeteries will now accept human remains, it is entirely possible to be buried alongside your beloved dog. However, this is obviously something you may wish to discuss with your family before making definitive plans. It is always painful to lose your best friend to illness or an accident, but making plans for a beautiful burial ceremony or even to be buried with your pet can lessen some of the grief.

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