Pit Bull Mills Out of Control in Las Vegas


Fighting in Vegas.

Although dog bite fatalities are rare in the United States, certain cities have made the news over the past few years for just this reason. The number of black-market pit bull breeders in Las Vegas has skyrocketed over the past ten years, leading local residents to wonder why more is not being done to combat this problem. In Harris County, legislation was passed in 2006, banning parking lot and roadside sales of animals after a young boy was mauled by a stray pit bull and later died. However, sales of this type in Las Vegas appear to be on the upswing.

Unfortunately, this explosion of pit bulls on the streets of the city is the direct result of money grabbing individuals who care nothing for the lives of the dogs they sell. Backyard breeders make thousands of dollars each month by selling pit bulls for unconscionable reasons such as pit fighting and other activities erroneously referred to as “sports.” This illicit trade presents a public safety hazard, as well as danger to the innocent dogs who are being bred–and inbred–in record numbers.

Additionally, pit bulls have become the canine of choice for gang members and criminals, and disreputable breeders are only too happy to take advantage of this fact. Even on the Internet, on websites such as MySpace, one can find pit bulls advertised for as much as $2,000, even though the history of such dogs is unclear at best. Sadly, those who purchase animals of this type for the aforementioned reasons often care little or nothing about the dog’s background. Certain unscrupulous breeders even advertise dogs who were “bred to fight,” or tout them in ads as “the meanest pit bulls in the city” as if these are somehow positive characteristics.


Experts have stated that the many unlicensed Las Vegas pit bull breeders who sell these animals treat the dogs like contraband. They sell them in parking lots out of the back of pickup trucks and refuse to meet customers at their place of residence. Experts also state it is obvious that those who purchase dogs in this fashion are not interested in a family pet, as a pit bull can be acquired at a shelter for a nominal fee.

The general public needs to understand that dog fighting is ethically and morally wrong, and therefore should never be considered a “sport.” Many experts believe that the only way to stop this type of activity is to lobby for stronger regulations and more laws concerning breeder licensing and the sale of animals. Certain canine enthusiasts are not very optimistic concerning this problem in Las Vegas, as it has been allowed to gain momentum and spin out of control. However, many people believe that if enough individuals are willing to speak out and demand changes it will be possible to combat these destructive practices.

Harsher Punishments for Dog fighters and Breeders

It is no secret that not all dog breeders are good. The truth of the matter is that some breeders are nothing more than puppy mills. This is especially true when it comes to pit bulls. The problem with such breeders is that they care very little if at all for the puppies they are breeding. The fact is that most of these puppy mills and breeders care about only one thing – money.

One of the biggest reasons that so many breeders have turned to breeding pitts is because of the money that can be made selling them to dogfighters. Unfortunately, the only real hazard in this activity is the numerous deaths and injuries that is suffered by the animals.


The only way to bring peace to these poor, defenseless animals is to decrease or stop altogether dogfighting. The best way to do this is to find a way to prevent dogfighting much less profitable and more severely punishable. The only way to regain control of this epidemic is to make laws and punishments associated with dogfighting much harsher. As a result some of these puppy mills may not be able to remain in operation. If it were possible to eradicate just a few of these places it might make others take notice and change their ways.

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