Do Pit Bulls Get Along with other Animals?

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Do Pit Bulls Get Along with other Animals?

Pit bulls are very sociable animals; they get along with adults, children, dogs, and even cats (if introduced properly). Socializing your pit bull can be as easy as you make it, which means the earlier, the better. Introducing any pet to another animal seems intimidating, but starting early, creating clear boundaries, and doing so over time helps with getting your pets to coexist.

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Pit bulls are mild-mannered dogs with lots of energy, if they have already been exposed to street cats, introducing them to a domestic cat may be a challenge, though dogs are pretty good at being gentle with babies and even kittens. They are intelligent enough not to hurt another animal, but their strength can overpower that at times. Keeping a close eye on your pet’s contact with your new kitten or any other animal you bring into the home is key to both of their safety.

Your pit is only as social as you have allowed them to be, and again starting while they are young is the most successful way for pleasant interactions with animals and humans alike.

There is no wrong or right answer to you pit bull getting along with your other pets or family members. Each dog has a personality of their own -as do we, and respecting their feelings and space is just as important to their socialization as it is to the cohabitants. If you know your dog well, you see they have certain times when they are reclusive or not up for something.

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Putting your pet in different situations to see how they react -in a positive environment, gives you a good idea to knowing their limits and seeing where they struggle socially.

Correcting undesirable behavior around animals or others may be hard or easy, depending on your dog. Further training by a professional can help, or even just being consistent with your training and talking with other pet owners online or in the community will help you decide what’s best for your pit.

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