Pit Bull Puppy In Recovery After Ingesting Heroin

Pitbull Puppy In Recovery After Ingesting Heroin

Pitbull Puppy In Recovery After Ingesting Heroin 

DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT) — An adorable puppy, oblivious to his surroundings, accidentally ingests heroin, and leads to a story you hear about humans all too often.

Diesel was just sticking to his instincts, when Montgomery County Animal Control Center Director Mark Kumpf said the dog accidentally ingested heroin.

“When he arrived at the vet, he was in bad shape,” said Kumpf.

The veterinarian administered naloxone, the same medication used to block the effects of the opiate in humans.

Kumpf admits this is rare, but said this isn’t the first heroin exposure for the puppy.

“There have been at least one, possibly two, other incidents involving the same subjects and individuals,” said Kumpf about their investigation into the incident.

Diesel’s owners, Melissa Myers and David Bendig, are being charged with animal cruelty. A seizure hearing is scheduled for December 27. Until then, the puppy will remain at the Control Center. Moving forward, he will be monitored closely.

“There’s not a lot of data out there on heroin exposure to dogs,” said Kumpf about the dog’s future.

Right now, the puppy is not dealing with any future side effects, nor is he up for adoption. When the time is ready, he will not be adopted locally.

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