Pitt Bull doused in lighter fluid and severely burned rescued in Miami


A pit bull, with severe, second-degree burns over much of her body, is believed to be the victim of heinous animal cruelty. According to Tuesday’s WHIO News, the dog, dubbed “Hayden,” was picked up as a stray a short time ago in the Mansfield/Shelby area of Ohio.

On February 21, the rescue group, Miami Valley Pit Crew, updated Facebook followersabout the grievously wounded dog’s sad situation, “UPDATE: her burns were MORE than just intentional. She REEKS of lighter fluid. Someone set her on fire.”

On February 22, the rescue agency stated, “In the words of Dr Hapner: “She was waking up really slow so Jim and I went back to check on her and she jumped up like a pup…she is now re-sedated!” She’s a spry one! We LOVE to hear this! She already looks better, and is back asleep, like she is supposed to be.”

On Wednesday morning, the group explained how the abused dog came to have her new name, “The name “Hayden” means “little fire” in Gaelic. We named her this, not only as a reminder of what happened to her, but because we saw the fire, and will to survive, in her eyes. What a perfect example of these misunderstood, often maligned, dogs. We know she’s going to do great things!!”

The local animal control is hoping to find out who is responsible for Hayden’s injuries. Anyone with information is asked to call 419-774-5892.

Donations for Hayden’s ongoing veterinary expenses can be made here.


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