Police Can Now Shoot Your Dog If It Moves Or Barks Upon Entry

Police Allowed To Shoot Your Dog If It Moves Or Barks While Entering Your Home

Police Can Now Shoot Your Dog If It Moves Or Barks Upon Entry

A ruling from the 6th Circuit Court serves as a warning to dog owners: Teach your dog to sit still and be quiet or risk police justifiably shooting the dog.

Mark and Cheryl Brown petitioned the court to hold the city and police officers from Battle Creek, Mich., accountable for shooting and killing their dogs while executing a search warrant of their home looking for evidence of drugs. The plaintiffs said the police officers’ actions amounted to the unlawful seizure of property in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

The circuit court on Monday agreed with a lower court ruling siding with the police officers.

“The standard we set out today is that a police officer’s use of deadly force against a dog while executing a warrant to search a home for illegal drug activity is reasonable under the Fourth Amendment when, given the totality of the circumstances and viewed from the perspective of an objectively reasonable officer, the dog poses an imminent threat to the officer’s safety,” Judge Eric Clay wrote in the court’s opinion.

After the wounded dog ran into a back corner of the basement, another officer shot the dog rather than seeking help for it.

“Officer Case saw that ‘there was blood coming out of numerous holes in the dog, and … [Officer Case] didn’t want to see it suffer,’ so he put her out of her misery and fired the last shot,” Clay wrote.

The court decided that the plaintiffs failed to provide evidence showing the first dog did not lunge at police officers and that the second dog didn’t bark. Clay wrote that Mark Brown’s testimony that he didn’t hear any barking when the officers approached the residence did not have any impact on whether the dogs were a threat to the officers after they entered the house.

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  1. That should be ruled out. Because dogs are meant to protect the home. If police comes to the food, they should give the person time to put their babies up.. not shoot them.. not unless the dog attracts, now that is a different story .. and have a search warrant..

  2. That is absolutely ridiculous you need to be trained to learn how to handle the situation this is what you would shoot if you came to my house

  3. My dogs protect me. My dogs bark at anything. Police or anyone else should nit be entering my house unless asked to enter. Somebody done lost their mind.

  4. Oh hell no. Not that they would ever enter my home but you better not shoot my dog for protecting me, they don’t know what your there for.

  5. Or, ya know, police training could involve identifying a threatening dog or not.

    Or allow people to crate their dogs, but that won’t stop barking.

    To my understanding, police are trained to stand and act in a certain way, often times they appear dominant, and a stranger like that coming into a house could be deemed a threat by the dog. To the dog, it’s home invasion. My pups a rottie mix who gives warning “boofs” and comes to my side and watches intruders intently but makes no attempt at attack. Are you telling me they are justified to shoot him if he is giving me a heads up to strangers acting “dominant” at my door? Bull. That’s not right.

  6. Thats not rite how is the dog going to know not to bark or move is it sees someone it doesnt know or his trying to protect his property .I DONT AGREE

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