Police Dog ‘Kiro’ Passes Away And Is Payed Tribute For His Heroism


Police Dog ‘Kiro’ Passes Away And Is Payed Tribute For His Heroism

A faithful police pooch who helped officers catch countless criminals has sadly passed away.

Hero canine Kiro hit Examiner headlines along with colleague Kes last year after the two were taken to the top of Emley Moor Mast for a police dogs’ charity calendar.

The 11-year-old German Shepherd, who was retired from his duties,

sadly died from a brief illness and surgery in the early hours of Sunday morning, charity Fireside K9 announced.

A statement from the retired police dogs’ cause said Kiro passed away with handler Pc Duncan Matthews by his side.

They said: “PD Kiro was an outstanding police dog, serving West Yorkshire Police faithfully alongside his handler Pc Matthews.

Kiro was a popular face on the police force’s Christmas cards and was also invited as a guest of honour to the retirement dinner of the Rev Dr Paul Wilcock BEM, Chair of Trustees for Fireside K9.

The charity added: “Kiro’s family are grateful to all who sent their good wishes during Kiro’s illness.

“We will continue to hold a place in our hearts for Kiro as an outstanding police dog, partner and friend.”


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