Police enter house kill dog while humane society is present but kept away

Family dog killed - Screen shot via Fox 5 NewsFamily dog killed - Screen shot via Fox 5 News

A family in Washington, D.C., is mourning the unexpected loss of their dog, who was shot and killed when police officers entered a residence when the family was not at home, reported Wednesday’s Fox 5 News. The three-year-old pit bull mix was inside of Precious Robinson-Baker’s house near Gallaudet University when officer’s with the D.C. police department arrived to execute a search warrant.

According to Robinson-Baker, the police remove a door to gain access to the home, and her dog, who had been inside, ran out and was then fatally shot. The woman told Fox 5 News, “My dog is like my baby and there’s no reason they even had to do that. And the Humane Society was on the premises and they didn’t even use them to even come get my dog before they even went in my house.”

The dog’s owner is baffled, and upset, about the situation because there are signs on the property that clearly state that a dog is on site – she does not understand why the shooting happened because the authorities should have been aware that the dog was inside of the house.

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  1. Why do the police get away with killing peoples pets, the f.b.i. are starting to charge people for animal cruelty why don’t they go after the cops that kill pets for no reason

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