How to Properly Cut Your Dog’s Nails

How to Properly Cut Your Dog’s Nails

Keeping up with your dog’s nails is for sure a hassle. I don’t know about yours, but my dog jumps at the sight of nail clippers for fear we are going to mess with his. I have to treat him like a baby, and cut them while he’s asleep or have my partner distract and hold him. Of course, taking your pet to the veterinarian is much easier, but when you notice that hang nail or nail that is giving your dog discomfort, you should be able to do the job at home without the vet’s help.

If your dog is terrified of the clippers, begin by desensitizing them; put the clippers near them or their nails without clipping, and praise them for letting you do so, letting them know it’s okay. Continue this action, and then begin introducing the clipping noise near them in the same way.  This may take a period of days or weeks until you and your dog feel comfortable, but once they are it should be very easy from there on out.

You will need dog clippers to cut their nails, and you want to do this from the bottom of their foot instead of the top, like you would your own. You want to have a good visual of where the nail stops and the quick begins so that you don’t cut the nail too short. The “quick” of the nail is where the blood vessels are, and if nails are cut too short this part will bleed and be very painful for your dog (keep some baking soda, water and corn starch handy to stop the bleed if it occurs).

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When you do clip the nail, do it in a quick motion, with even pressure to cut all the way through. Hopefully, you can trim your nails down from here, and feel more comfortable treating injured nails or ones that are too long.

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