Puppies In Cardboard Box On Side Of The Road Found With Mange All Over Their Bodies


Puppies In Cardboard Box On Side Of The Road Found With Mange All Over Their Bodies 

Three puppies have been found abandoned inside a cardboard box at the side of a busy road. The three terriers were discovered near Camelford.

The puppies are in a poor condition and suffering with a skin condition, currently believed to be mange.

The dogs are being cared for and undergoing veterinary treatment.

The puppies were in a poor condition when found.

Not only is it a despicable and inhumane act abandoning small puppies in that condition, it is an offence to mistreat or abandon dogs.

We would welcome any information that might lead us to identifying the owner of the dogs, or that would identify who might have abandoned them.

These dogs will continue to be given veterinary treatment and cared for by a local rehoming charity until they are fit and healthy enough to be rehomed.

The Council works closely with the RSPCA and will not hesitate to take action against anyone found to be mistreating a dog. I would ask that anyone with information about these puppies emails us at [email protected].


Cornwall Council’s Dog Welfare and Enforcement Team deals with about 1100 stray dogs every ear and manage to return over 90% to their owners (compared to the national average of 54%).

Virtually all of the others are rehomed, with only a handful being unable to be rehomed each year where there are very severe medical conditions and they are put to sleep under veterinary advice or where a dog is too aggressive to be rehomed.

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