Questions You Should Ask Your Vet

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Questions You Should Ask Your Vet

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When you take your dog to a vet clinic, you should utilize the session because such moments are rare. If your dog is unwell and you have taken him to the vet clinic, you should ask questions that are not really related to the situation at hand. Besides that, you might get more than what you needed by simply asking questions. This is because some vets offer their services according to the needs of their clients. Below is a set of questions you can ask your vet.

Is My Dog Fat?

Referring to your dog as fat may sound like an insult. But you must be ready to face the truth because you can only help your dog cut back on its weight when you accept the bitter truth. Obesity is in deed a major dog health problem in US and Europe. This is because most dog owners overfeed their dogs without knowing. Besides that, only a few dog owners allow their canine to exercise. Your vet can recommend the best methods that you can use to keep your dog in good shape.


Does My Dog Eat a Balanced Diet?

You should not leave the vet clinic without discussing the diet of your dog. As a matter of fact, the key to a healthy dog lies in eating a balanced diet. Most dog owners are not knowledgeable on dog food matters. They just give their canine what’s available. Lest you forget, too much of anything is harmful to your dog’s health. In fact, feeding your dog on a balanced diet helps in boosting its immunity system which in return helps in keeping diseases at bay.

If you don’t consult your vet on this issue you might continue giving your dog the wrong kind of food. A vet can help you in choosing various types of food from the three food groups that include carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins. This is because the nutrients that are found in one food group are absent in the other.


Should the Dog’s Blood be Tested for Diseases?

Nowadays dogs contract the same diseases as humans such as cancer, diabetes, kidney and liver disease among others. The problem is that these illnesses are very difficult to treat when diagnosed at an advanced stage. It’s therefore advisable to request for a blood test so that if the dog has these diseases, they can be treated early before they worsen.

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