Quick Exercises for Dogs of Any Size


Quick Exercises for Dogs of Any Size
If your dog is wound up from being in the house all day because you are working long hours, or if you are short on time, or need to leave the house for a few hours, but haven’t got much time to let the dog get some energy out… There are lots of ways to let your dog get in quick exercise in about 15-20 minutes.


Walking your dog down the street and back can take about 15 minutes at the most. If it’s a beautiful day out and you have the time to spare, letting your dog go on this short walk will relieve some of their cabin fever, and even allows you to get in exercise. Walking for periods of 30 minutes to an hour for five days a week has been proven to better health in adults, as well as dogs. This is an excellent way to bond with your pet and get the heart rate going.
Playing fetch with your dog is another good exercise if you are short on time; this can be done inside or outside and doesn’t require much. A balled up sock, a good stick, a ball, or even their favorite toy will suffice. Playing with your dog for about 15 minutes straight should get their blood flowing and gives your dog a chance to wind down before you have company over or leave the house.

Jumping, is by far the most physically effective way for getting your dog tired. Having them jump after a toy, bone, or treat for a good 15-20 minutes will have your pup tired out in no time. Rewarding them for the jumps and even playing around a bit in between will get their heart rate going, and is a quick and easy way to let them get in exercise when short on time.
These quick exercises can be done to help your dog let out the energy and can benefit your heart health as much as theirs.

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