Rambo The German Shepard Security Gaurd Has Been Found

Rambo The German Shepard Security Gaurd Has Been Found

Rambo The German Shepard Security Gaurd Has Been Found 

DERRY — “Rambo,” the German shepherd on the run after getting some training as a security dog, has been found.

Rambo, who was being trained in Plaistow at the time he ran away, was captured at the Derry transfer station around noon on Friday, police said.

Members of Granite State Dog Recovery were alerted that Rambo had been spotted, placed a large Have-a-Heart style trap to capture Rambo safely, according to Derry Police Capt. Vern Thomas.

Rambo, a 1-year-old German shepherd, escaped on Jan. 12 from a property in Plaistow where he was being trained as a security dog meant to protect property.

Police worried that Rambo, described as a shy dog, may bite someone if he felt that he was cornered or being chased.

“The animal was staying away from people, but it traveled quite a distance,” Thomas said on Friday. He noted that the distance between Plaistow and Derry was at least 10 miles.

Prior to being captured, Rambo was seen over the last week in East Hampstead in the areas of Route 121A and Route 111.

Derry police spent a couple of days investigating sightings of Rambo in the areas of the Brookstone Complex on Route 111, the Conley’s Grove area and Drew’s Woods. The last sighting was at 11 a.m. on Thursday along Cemetery Road in Derry. Police were able to verify sightings of the dog because he was wearing a distinct-looking collar that appears to have spikes on it.

Thomas said that Rambo appeared to be in fine condition and there were no concerns about the dog’s health.

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