Remedying Cuts and Bruises in Dogs

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Remedying Cuts and Bruises in Dogs


Bruises and cuts happen when the dog is up to mischief. As the dog runs around the home compound or in the woods, it’s likely to be pricked by sharp objects such as stones and thorns. Even a blunt object can cause the dog to have severe bruises. Small cuts and bruises should not be ignored because they provide breeding grounds for bacteria that cause diseases.


You should examine your dog on a daily basis. If you went with him for a hike, you should examine him thoroughly upon returning home. You can treat minor cuts and bruises at home without necessarily calling the vet. However, if the bruises are accompanied by swelling, the problem could be bigger than it seems and you should call your vet. Below are some tips on how to remedy cuts and bruises at home.

  • Since cuts and bruises are known to be dirty, you should begin by washing the wound with water. In fact, you should add some antiseptic solution into the water bath. This helps in killing disease causing bacteria.
  • The wound should be wiped with a clean towel. However, you should never use a towel that’s made from cotton because it might have some loose strands that tend to stick to the flesh of the wound.
  • You should get ice from your freezer and place it on the wound. The ice should be packed in a plastic bag. This will help in relieving pain. You should actually allow the ice to remain on the wound for about 10 minutes. The wound can then be wrapped with non-stick bandage.


The wound should be dressed on a daily basis with fresh bandage. If you allow the same bandage to go for several days, it will enhance the accumulation of puss due to infestation by bacteria. The wound should be cleaned with an antiseptic solution when the bandage is being changed. This process should continue until the dog heals completely.

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