Safe Backyard Haven for Your Dog


Safe Backyard Haven for Your Dog; Winter can be a time of high levels of stress, boredom and anxiety both for you and your dog. This is because the harsh winds and bitterly cold temperatures of the winter months often means keeping your pets indoors where it is safe and warm for long periods of time. The longer these indoor times last the higher the stress and anxiety levels rise. Now that the warmer spring and summer months loom ahead it is time to prepare a backyard that will create a safe haven for your pet. This will give your furry friend a place to play and enjoy the fresh air and calming effects that come with this time of year.

The single most important aspect of creating an outdoor paradise for your dog is safety. Without the proper safety measures there are many dangers that can befall your pet – even in your own backyard.


Keeping your pet safe means knowing where he is at all times. This means keeping them restricted to a specified area. The best way of doing this is by constructing some sort of fence around the area you will create for your dog. Although some neighborhoods do not allow traditional fencing there are alternatives that may be suitable for your needs. One such alternative is the use of electric or invisible fencing. When fencing an area for your pet it is important to ensure that the area is large enough to accommodate your dog without too many restrictions.



The concept of creating an outdoor play place for your pet does not mean that shelter is not still needed. With climbing temperatures comes the need for a shaded or sheltered place for your dog to retreat to when needed. This can be something as simple as an area that is shaded from the sun or a covered place that your dog can get out of the elements. It is important to remember that the harsh heat from the sun can be extremely dangerous to a dog. This is why a shaded area for your pet is so important. Another way to reduce the dangers of the heat is to have a small pond or pool for your dog to play in. The best option in this regard is something with moving water to minimize mosquitoes however changing the water regularly can also help with this.


Just having a yard big enough to run and play in is not enough to keep your dog entertained for very long at a time. While this will provide your dog with plenty of room to exercise it is still necessary to provide other entertainment to prevent boredom and misbehavior. It is common knowledge that a bored dog will often get into mischief just because there is nothing else for them to do. This is when digging and other undesirable activities may become a problem. Having a variety of dog toys available for your dog’s entertainment can help to alleviate this problem. Another option is to hide dog treats in various places for your dog to find. This will appeal to their natural hunting instinct and provide entertainment at the same time.

Food and Water

When creating an outside paradise for your pet don’t forget the most important elements. Part of making sure that your pet feels safe and secure is for them to know that food will not be scarce. Make sure that you keep a steady supply of food available to your dog when he is outdoors and don’t forget the water. It is very important that your dog have a fresh and abundant supply of water available to them at all times. This is especially important as the temperatures begin to rise in order to prevent dehydration and other problems.


If you use chemicals to treat your lawn make sure you don’t use anything that will be dangerous to your pets. Also remember to always allow any treatments you do use to dry completely before allowing your dog access to the area. This will prevent chemical associated problems from occurring.

Giving your dog the best possible outdoor experience and keeping him both entertained and safe at the same time is not as difficult as it sounds. As long as you use common sense and ensure that all of their needs are met you will have a friend that is both happy and healthy. All it takes is putting a little thought into the creation of your canine paradise and everything else will fall into place quite easily. Pets are much like children and can be entertained with even the simplest of things. Remember this and to remove anything that may pose a potential danger to your pet and you will have a yard that your pet will beg to spend hours in.

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