Savannah Teen Wins Fight to Bring Support Dog with her to School

bonnie and carson

A Savannah High School student who fought to bring her service dog to school is is now allowed to bring her pup to class. Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools approved her request for a service dog.
Bonny O’Donnell says she suffers from PTSD from bullying and her dog helps her in social settings.
O’Donnell got her service dog named Carson in August. Since then she’s been trying to get school leaders to allow her to bring Carson along with her to school.
“He’s my best friend. He’s my partner he’s my baby he’s like a brother to me. He wears so many hats. Without him i wouldn’t be who I am now,” said O’Donnell.
Carson came into her life after a therapist recommend she get a service dog. O’Donnell says she suffers from social anxiety and PTSD from bullying at her old school. She says it was so bad she couldn’t sleep.
“With him by my side I am able to be in an extremely crowded room with my heart rate going up,” explains O’Donnell, “without having to worry about a panic attack due to the fear form the PTSD and the bullying in my old school. “
O’Donnell hopes other kids like her will have the opportunity to have a service dog in school too.
Carson will start going to school with O’Donnell in January.
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