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The New Sealy Posturpedic Bed for Dogs.

The pet industry grosses over a billion dollars a year in the United States alone. Therefore, it is just smart business for manufacturers to introduce specialized canine beds to pet owners. Making the best dog beds in the world is a great way to corner an untapped market, and Sealy has done just that when they began to promote their Sealy posturepedic bed for canines.

Similar to humans, dogs also sleep in a variety of positions, and they change positions throughout their sleeping hours. For this reason, the aforementioned beds can only enhance the quality of their sleep, ultimately making them happier, healthier dogs. Much like Sealy posturepedic beds for humans, these models are designed to relieve pressure points and distribute your pet’s weight evenly through the use of orthopedic foam. Quad layer technology is used in canine beds of this type in order to increase the dog’s circulation and reduce joint discomfort. Such beds are an exceptionally great choice for older dogs or dogs suffering from back or disk problems. In addition, Sealy has also added a charcoal foam layer to the bed, for the purpose of odor control. This is a feature that many dog lovers will likely find highly beneficial.

Prior to purchasing such a bed, it is a good idea to consider several factors. For instance, one task that frequently goes overlooked is measuring the dog for whom the bed is being purchased. As a general rule, you should add five inches to the length of your dog when he is in his or her favorite sleeping position. This will ensure that the dog has adequate room to change positions from time to time throughout the night.

Each person must decide for himself or herself if such a bed is a wise choice. However, it is obvious that such models are associated with many benefits. Therefore, it is likely that one has nothing to lose by investing in such a bed for his or her cherished best friend.

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