Senga leads Maine rescuers to her sister trapped in icy lake

Mishka was saved after her sister alerted a neighbor.Mishka was saved after her sister alerted a neighbor.

When a dog fell through the icy water of a pond in Maine Wednesday, it was her canine sister who alerted a neighbor for help.

The troubled dog, named Mishka, was found by rescuers 150 feet off the shore of Notched Pond in Raymond and “barely surviving” in the cold waters, according to a statement by New Gloucester Fire Rescue. The neighbor called rescue workers at 10:30 a.m.

“The neighbor that found the dog and called emergency personnel had heard an odd bark prior to finding Mishka. The neighbor was led by Mishka’s sister, Senga to locate the bark,” according to the statement.

Rescuers wearing cold-water suits had to trek down steep 50-foot embankments covered in ice and snow before plunging into the water to rescue Mishka. Once rescued, Mishka was covered in towels and blankets and heat packs were applied to her body. The dog was taken to a veterinarian by her owners and was in stable condition Wednesday night, according to New Gloucester Fire Rescue.

Mishka after her rescue.

New Gloucester Fire Rescue


“People need to be mindful that the ice is not safe, anywhere,” said Chief Kurt Elkanich of Gray Fire Rescue. “If any person or pet falls through the ice or is in the icy waters, call for emergency personnel or the next victim could be you.”

Captain Scott Doyle from New Gloucester Fire & Rescue said Mishka’s sister is the second dog to seek human help during an emergency in the last few weeks.

“Our EMS personnel assisted an elderly man recently, where his dog got the attention of a home keeper,” said Doyle in the statement. “The dog led the home keeper to the barn where the elderly man was injured.”

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