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Understanding the Role of a Service Dog.

Many catchFred readers have heard the term “service dog”, but may not be entirely familiar with the duties such animals are trained to perform. To be regarded as a service dog, a canine must have special training during which he or she will learn to provide a specific service to a mentally or physically disabled individual. It takes months to train a dog in this capacity, and although other animals can be used in service of this type, dogs are by far the most popular choice. This is due to the fact that service animals must be obedient and good-natured in a broad range of situations, while also taking a protective attitude toward their owners.

It is important to understand that such animals are not pets. Dogs of this kind are highly trained to meet the specific needs of their owners. Due to the essential role they play, most people have seen dogs of this type in a variety of settings. The latter include restaurants, hotels, airplanes, and even movie theaters. There are very strict laws concerning the admittance of such animals to all public establishments, and proprietors can incur fines if they refuse to allow a service dog to be admitted to their place of business. Studies have shown that these amazing canines allow their owners to enjoy an enhanced level of independence due to the services they provide.

If you see another individual with such a dog, keep in mind that it is not a pet, as previously mentioned. Therefore, always ask for permission prior to handling or petting the animal, and be aware that if the dog is working, touching it may be prohibited: unlike pet dogs, service dogs have tunnel vision toward protecting and assisting their owners, and for this reason are not social with strangers in many instances. Check the catchFred site often for more information and tips about puppies and dogs.

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