Shaking Hands with a Puppy


Shaking Hands with a Puppy; Shaking hands is a formal way to greet each other but that doesn’t mean that it is only exclusive to us humans, our canine companion can do that too! That is one of the best tricks to teach our lovable pet. Shaking hands is relatively a simple trick to learn, but just like anything else it might take a little patience as well as persistence for your dog to adopt the new skill. You will find a couple of methods to train the behavior.

Method One

In case your pup loves to use his feet to get things, this process may do good for you:

The First Step: Place a goody inside your palm and pin it lower together with your thumb. Let your dog do the research.

Second Step: Your pet may sniff, but simply ignore this. The moment his feet touches your palm, mark the behavior by a click or perhaps a word such as “Yes” or “Good,” then provide a treat using your other hand. This will be significant!

Third Step: Repeat second step until he routinely pawing at the hands any time you offer it.

Fourth Step: Now try offering your hand at exactly the same position without the goody, if he paws that’s a good sign! And don’t forget,, keep giving your pet his treat using your other hand. If he doesn’t paw on your hands this time, return to second step and repeat the procedure until the skill is inculcated a little longer.

Fifth Step: When your pup is pawing at the hands with no treat, try moving to open, flat hands. If he paws, mark it with a click followed by a treat! He will eventually get use to it..

Sixth Step: When he’s confident with this, you can include a verbal signal for example “Shake!” towards the behavior by saying your signal then offering your hands.

Step Seven: Lessen the goodies that he gets progressively, until he’ll shake your hands on signal without any reward.

Remember to deal with it every now and then to help keep the behaviour strong!

Method Two

A different way to train this behavior is as simple as physically using the dog’s paw to your hands.

The First Step: Say your signal (for example “Shake!”), lightly raise your dog’s paw together with your hands and immediately mark this by a click or perhaps a word for example “Yes” or “Good”, and provide her a goody.

Second Step: Repeat the first step this could have a different period of time based on your dog, but be prepared to perform a couple of intervals of the first step.

Third Step: Eventually, your pet will react to your signal word by raising her paw without your hands!

Both of these techniques should assist you in teaching your pooch this classic trick.

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