My Shape Shifting Dog – An Owners Love Story


My Shape Shifting Dog

Dogs are amazing creatures, men’s best friend, loyal companion and at times ‘shapeshifters’ (well one of mine were). There are so many great memories that I have with my dogs from the moment I met them till the very end.

I used to live in South Africa in the suburbs so my family and I had quite a big garden and therefore we were able to have three dogs: a black German Shepard (Page), a white Toy Pom/ Pomeranian (Danny) and a tiny mix breed named Buffy (after Buffy the vampire slayer but I don’t think my Buffy did much slaying).  The first time I met Buffy was in my high school years. I came home from school one day and my mother told me to look in the laundry room. I looked and said there are just a pair of black socks in the corner to this blue shelve we used to pile clean clothes on for ironing. She said look closer, so being the good teenage daughter that I was I did and load and behold it was tiny Buffy napping.  And this was the start of many good memories.


That was not the only time Buffy ‘shape shifted’. One summer day my parents and I were sitting outside enjoying the weather and sunshine. Page and Danny were playing around (well, Danny was trying to play with Page while she just looked at him funny) and Buffy was nowhere to be seen. We thought she may be under the warm car since she likes to be there and there is enough space for her to crawl under. We didn’t think too much of it. Until my father pointed his finger at one of the short, tiny, trees close to our pool. We turned our heads and saw a pair of black socks in this small tree. It was actually Buffy; she decided to become a cat and climbed up the tree by herself. I guess she was tired of being known as a pair of black socks.


By Nina Ristic

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