Shelter Dog Adoption Results Are In As Adopt A Dog Month Comes To A Close


Shelter Dog Adoption Results Are In As Adopt A Dog Month Comes To A Close

The St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue shelter was able to adopt out an above average number of dogs last month thanks to volunteer help.

October is national Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, an effort around the country to find homes for abandoned or stray dogs.

Humane educator for the city shelter Jenna Keyes said approximately 53 dogs were adopted last month.

She said the volunteer group Friends of the Animal Shelter helped out a lot.

“Thankfully, the friends of the shelter have been very on board with helping support us in that endeavor and have been offering ten dollars off all dog adoptions during the month of October to hopefully help some of those pups find new homes,” Keyes said.

“I would like everybody to keep the shelter in mind whether you’re looking for an animal, be it a cat or a dog or any other animal, just, keep us in mind, come down every now and then and see what we have to do.”

The Friends of the Animal Shelter was founded in 2000 to help support the St. Joseph Shelter financially and to provide manpower to help get animals adopted.

President of the group Ed Vanover said Adopt a Shelter Dog Month raises awareness and allows people to help make room in the shelters.

“It’s an event that you put on to draw people into the shelter to show them the dogs that we do have available for adoption,” Vanover said.

Vanover said toward the end of October, a large amount of dogs were brought in and they needed to get them adopted quick.

He said the group helped the shelter to reduce the cost of adoptions by half for the last week of October in order to get the dogs into forever homes.

He said whenever they have to resort to deals of that magnitude, people in the community realize that the shelter is in need, and adoptions increase significantly.

Keyes said adoptions for dogs usually run around $130 and include shots, spaying or neutering and microchips.

She said there are still plenty of dogs in the shelter who need to be adopted.

“We have a lot of dogs here at the shelter currently who are still in need of adoption, even though we don’t have that special going on right now,” Keyes said.

The shelter currently has over 30 dogs that are looking for homes and also adopts out cats, rabbits, birds and even snakes when they are available.

Vanover hopes that people who are looking for a pet will choose to rescue an animal.

“If you’re looking … for an animal, come on down, help us out,” Vanover said.

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